Yumi Kaneko
As a Keio University Faculty of Literature graduate, she joined Marks Co., Ltd., engagingin the sales of stationery and sundry goods at major domestic retail outlets.
Following this, she joined a Patent Law Office, corresponding with overseas agents, and engaging in IP management. After this job, she transferred to TRINUS in 2018 working as a corporate manager. She is responsible for all back-office operations such as human resources and public relations, aiming to create a company where each member can work comfortably.

A fateful encounter with a senior who designed a product for this company

ー What motivated you to join TRINUS?

It had been half a year since I left my previous job for marriage, I was attending business school whilst working a part-time job at a shared office which supported venture companies.
At that shared office, there was a corner which displayed products and books which employees had been involved with. There, I saw the name of a senior who helped me out when I had just started my job at my previous company. His name was written beside the [Flower Pencil HANA] which he had designed, developed by TRINUS.
I looked up the manufacturer ‘TRINUS’ on the net and found that they had a really interesting business model. They did everything from selecting technologies to develop into products, hosting design competitions, manufacturing and PR. I was amazed by what they did and so I submitted my job application. I kept this a secret from my senior.

Working in the back office, supporting everyone’s activities

ー What are your main duties?

I work in the corporate department of the company, engaging in tasks such as recruitment, public relations, legal affairs, accounting and general business as the head of the back office. I thought to seize this chance because at the time, there weren’t any staff to take on these roles at TRINUS. I’m experiencing all sorts at TRINUS, learning from the people around me. No matter what business I did, there were hardly any “predefined customs or practices”, and so I went ahead with doing everything in the best I way could. I am finding lots of fun in taking on advice from external specialists, such as the teachers of lawyers and business people, to help progress the company bit by bit.

ー What is the charm of TRINUS?

Every day is filled with lots of new counters and discoveries.
Though what I am doing is a little removed from the rest of the company’s activities, I get a taste for all of the projects that the people around me in the office are working on. I work in an environment where the people in front of me are busy sharing their ideas on the projects they are working on, and I can feel the company growing day by day.
Also, we use an organisational communication tool called ‘Slack’, and through this, a lot of company information is shared openly. I think preciously of this open organisational structure, and I hope that we can keep it this way as the company continues to expand.

The members here work in their own ways, some spontaneous, some discrete, but they all also care about their private lives. Everyone here is compassionate and has a good sense of humour, making this a great environment to work in.

I want to lead the global expansion of TRINUS

ー What are your goals for the future?

TRINUS is aiming to create a community of creators and manufacturers from around the world. The company is actively recruiting members from overseas, and to also wishes to create relations overseas to expand its human resources. As a result, I would like to improve my English communication to contribute towards the creation of a global culture.
I’ll try my best to be able to present TRINUS’ products at overseas exhibitions on my own!