Yuki Nakanishi
After graduating from the Department of Media Studies at Kansai University, she joined Works Applications Co., Ltd. Working in ERP Package QA for large enterprises she engaged in function design and quality management, then as a consultant she created and maintained company relations for a wide range of businesses. In 2016 she turned to the web industry launching her own Media Division and Web Media, gaining over 3 million views in half a year. Her specialities lie in content SEO and Social Media operations.

I felt significance and empathy for the work TRINUS does

ー What motivated you to join TRINUS?

I was originally friends with the CEO of this company Mr Satō. I already knew about the work TRINUS did and I saw him working away for his company for two years since he founded it. TRINUS had the role of promoting the innovations of large corporations and finding effective uses for buried technologies. The products that they created were overflowing with surprises as if they were inventions. In addition, I saw that TRINUS was getting more and more publicity on mass media like TV and magazines, and held interest whilst thinking “they really are scaling up”.
The thing that triggered me to join was when one day, the CEO said: “I’d like to optimise sales on the online store”. I decided that it was a good opportunity to strengthen my data analysis skills as a web marketer.


The joy of working with excellent members

ー What are your main duties?

Up until now, I have mainly worked on the growth of web media (mostly increasing PV count). My mission at TRINUS was to improve everything to do with their web activities.
In principle, optimising their current website’s UI and UX to meet user needs, analysing user behaviour using Google Analytics, and helping with site renewal design. Other than that, I am also responsible for all things related to web marketing such as social media strategies, promotional advertisement strategies, improvement of their online store etc.


ー What is the charm of TRINUS?

I think that “being able to work with excellent members” makes me happier than anything else at work. Even with few members, we are working on lots of projects and each member has their own area of expertise, giving us a wide range of skills at our disposal. Every day I am surprised at people’s skills thinking “I didn’t even know that was possible!”, “You can work to such a high standard so quickly!”.
I, as head of marketing, end up talking to all the members about the projects they are working on. I want to be someone who is useful and exceeds people’s expectations of value.

I find the atmosphere of this company unusual but easy to work in. At first glance, it has the “momentum” of a startup company, and it’s also reassuring that everyone here is a “specialist” at something. The company is a manifestation of these two points and think of it as a defining part of this business’ culture.


I want to master the art of being a growth hacker on any site

ー What are your goals for the future?

TRINUS constitutes of a ‘design posting site’, an ‘online store’, and a ‘media site (currently in progress)’. The role of each of these three sites and their objectives vary but, I want to be able to improve any kind of website.
I want to be someone who can make websites grow in such a dramatic way that people say things like “If we leave it to Yuki, the services and public awareness of our company will grow! Site PVs will increase! Our online store will be a sell out!”.

I don’t like jobs which I’m forced to do but, I’d like to capture the essence of the work in front of me, improve the quality of my outputs, and produce results that I can be proud of.