Tomohiro Kawaji
After graduating from the Graduate School of University of Tokyo, majoring in Information Science and Engineering, Tomohiro joined IBM Japan in 2005 and engaged in the design, development and consultation of large-scale systems. In 2008 he founded XITYZ Inc., offering system development services and IT service operations. It provides a groupware Circle Square in which 500,000 members are registered.
In 2014 he participated in the launch of TRINUS as a founding member and is in charge of system development.

Contributing to Japanese Manufacturing through Technology

– What was your motivation to join TRINUS

My first opportunity with TRINUS was for their system development. After I completed that project, the TRINUS’ CEO, Shinya, talked to me about his plan to found the company. It was the perfect timing because I always wanted to do something to boost the Japanese manufacturing since I had been involved in the hardware world. I instinctively thought I could help TRINUS accelerate their unique approaches by using my technical experiences and to bring about a positive impact on Japanese manufacturing. So I decided to join the company.

System Development That Supports Us to Take New Challenges Every Day – Flexible and Precise.

– What is your main role?

System development in general, I support my team from a technical perspective when they face issues. Because TRINUS is a company who likes to take challenges, we are always motivated to try various things one after another. The work is always exciting. But at the same time, we have to make sure that the technology we employ is well connected in every layer. If we make an error at design-level, it’ll lead to big trouble later on. While I enjoy what I do, there is great responsibility.


– What is the attraction of TRINUS?

One thing is that we can feel the growth of our business. Every day, products are born, new collaborations with clients start, and new functionalities are released. I think it’s an irreplaceable experience to be in this environment. The other thing is about our CEO, he has a very flexible mind and for example, he listens to good opinions and updates his perspective. Sometimes I am surprised how promptly he reacts…and I say “that quick?” (laugh). However, this flexibility does not mean he has no belief or opinion, but more that we should stay curious and keep seeking for a better way, not based on our personal point of view. TRINUS members are always expected to work directly towards the company’s decision, and I think this is an environment where we can continue growing as fast as we wish to.


TRINUS’ Platform: Salvation for ALL

– What are your goals for the future?

I feel that the TRINUS approach has the potential to create a large-scale business platform. We create triggers to generate collaborations where none existed before, from which new products, markets, and communities will be produced. I also think it is important that the platform is available for everyone, not owned by one company. The platform is open for designers or anyone, from any company of any size, who wish to come and discuss their desires to introduce new ideas, and it will become their salvation.