Naoto Kishinami
As a Tama Art University graduate, he experienced toy and rotor machine design as a toy designer. Following this, he moved to a toy manufacturer and worked on product planning and development, producing hit products that were awarded with Japan Toy Awards. At TRINUS he works as a producer and designer, engaging in creative work for asobiza, a joint operation project with BANDAI NAMCO.

The beauty of striking a balance between creators, users, and manufacturers

ー What motivated you to join TRINUS?

It’s because I empathised with the product development model which TRINUS envisions.
I have spent a long time a career of product planning and development for things such as toys and miscellaneous goods. Whilst progressing product plans I wondered, “how do we grab user needs?”, “what points differentiate us from competitors?”, “what novelty do we have?”, and “how do I convince my company with my ideas?”. Following this, there were many times where I wondered “who is it that I am actually designing for…?”.
“TRINUS’ product development plan” strikes a beautiful balance between creators, users, and manufacturers. Rather than combining information, will and products all into one jumbled mess, the three parties stand on the same ground and have the same perspective. I believe that making products in this way is what makes TRINUS shine.


Balancing production and design in perfect harmony

ー What are your main duties?

My role as producer/designer, as the name suggests, involves me being responsible for a wide range of work as a producer and a designer. I worked as a designer for 3 years after graduating and the knowledge and experience gained during this time have proved very useful. I’m working on a joint project with Bandai Namco Entertainment to create an entertainment co-creation platform called [ASOBIZA], and I was responsible for the design of things such as the logo and top banner design. I not only carry out design work, one of my biggest jobs to liven up and keep the ASOBIZA running as a producer. This makes me glad that I started this project all the way from designing the logo.
We made hoodies with massive ASOBIZA logos on them to wear at the Bandai Namco Accelerator 2018 Demo day. Everyone at our company and the catalyst (the person who connected TRINUS and Bandai Namco) wore these hoodies, and this made me really happy.


ー What is the charm of TRINUS?

I think it’s that our members with all different kinds of ways of working, skills and ages link arms and work together towards the same goals. Every member here does not hesitate to [have fun] and to [create fun things] and this really livens up the company.
The office is calm and quiet, allowing me to get absorbed in my work. However, when I’ve boiled down my ideas, it’s easy to discuss them with other members with other bits of chit chat, and this place really does have a nice, relaxed atmosphere.


I want to create a successful business from channelling entertainment!

ー What are your goals for the future?

I want to turn my passion, ‘entertainment’ which I have cultivated throughout my life, into explosive products and services at TRINUS.
I have switched from working in toy design to product planning and development, and so I think it is a great strength of mine that I understand the feelings of creators and manufacturers. I want to appreciate the perspectives of these two positions, and bring products into this world which people get hooked on. To do this, I think I need to have lots more fun than ever before and experience even more ‘entertainment’.

“A secret base where you gather after school and have a blast no matter what you are doing.” This is the sort of place I want to make [ASOBIZA] into. I will continue to develop the platform into a place where adults who haven’t forgotten their childlike senses of wonder of fun can gather together!