Maasa Arai
As a Musashino Art University graduate, she joined a publication production company. Here she experienced sales, production and business design of company-issued media. After this, she was involved in the planning and direction for various events such as exhibitions, press releases and corporate parties at a major advertising agency event production company.
At TRINS she takes on a wide range of creative tasks including concept design to production direction and copywriting. She works hard to support her young daughter.

I thought I’d be able to stack my challenges on top of TRINUS’ challenges

ー What motivated you to join TRINUS?

There were three decisive factors.
The first was [a unique business structure].
Rather than meeting market demand and having a [market in] approach, TRINUS takes products with amazing technologies behind them, having a [product out] approach to bringing great things to the world. I had a keen interest in this sort of product development.

The second was that I had experienced working in a [business firm].
I had a long career in an advertisement production company, so I wanted to expand my field of view by working in a company which produced their own products and services.

The last was because I wanted to [work in a way which will allow me to grow].
After giving birth, I was thinking about “working in a way which is true to me”, and this got me interested in “parallel working”, where I could continue to enjoy work whilst growing at the same time.

At the time I joined the company, they were happy for me to keep working for the design company I was working at, and this is when I decided to work for TRINUS.
They allowed me to take on parallel working and reduced work hours, making them a perfect fit for the life I wanted to live. I thought that they provided an environment that would cultivate and boost what I wanted from life.


I want to have my say and give my ideas at TRINUS

ー What are your main duties?

I am responsible for a wide range of creative roles at TRINUS including planning, direction, copyrighting etc.
To be more specific, I organise proposals related to working with partner companies, come up with product and services names, creative direction, and progress management of collaborative projects.
I gather sorts of information about creators, manufacturers, users and other people involved, and continue to think about “what do I tell, to whom, in what way?”.

ー What is the charm of TRINUS?

Like a lot of other companies are saying, I think TRINUS’ efforts are gathering more and more attention. I am excited to be a part of TRINUS as they go through the rapid growth phase, and I continue to explore and find ways to contribute towards this company’s goals.

The power of being on the manufacturing side of producing ‘things’ that I believe in

ー What are your goals for the future?

I’ve always liked looking at furniture and miscellaneous goods. By incorporating nice things that we like, we can make our daily lives just that little bit nicer. I think that ‘things’ have the power to do this. I want to be on the side of product development which helps produce things with this ‘power’.
I want to continue to grow so that I can help TRINUS output all sorts of wonderful things.