Esai Shibagaki
Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University Graduate School of Modeling, as a School of Design graduate. He completed a Master's degree in modeling, focusing his studies on product design resulting in him being awarded a prestigious modeling award.
He came into contact with TRINUS by submitting a product design as a student, resulting in him being hired in 2017. He is currently in charge of a wide range of design aspects including own brand CI/VI and products, OEM products and exhibitions.

It started with submitting my design to TRINUS

ー What motivated you to join TRINUS?

Whilst I was studying a postgraduate degree in Industrial Design, I submitted a design for a design competition held by TRINUS, on the theme of [using a digital mould press which uses a 3D printed resin mould].
A while after I had submitted my idea, I received a message from TRINUS saying that my idea has been adopted, and that’s where my product development project with this company started. It reminded me of the motivation I had when I thought [a product which I have designed is actually going to be made using a brand new technology!] and I was excited to be involved in making this a reality.
After idea adoption, I met with the CEO Satō numerous times to brush up my product design, engage in prototyping, packaging design etc. It was a cycle of prototyping and improvement over and over again until the product I held in my hands was what I had imagined. I think this work was a big step up in helping me to grow as a person.
After that project had stepped down a notch, I started working for TRINUS as a part-time worker, and I helped them bit by bit until I officially joined as a full-time worker in Spring of 2017 after graduating university.
Looking back now, it all started from when I submitted my design to TRINUS.

Products and designs. TRINUS’ design knows no limits

ー What are your main duties?

I am in charge of overall design work at TRINUS. Starting with visuals for logos and packaging, I engage the likes product design and VI creation for OEM products.
I am also responsible for creating VI for our own company, designing things such as business cards, envelopes, product catalogues, brochures etc.

I also been involved in work outside of design such as sales talks with retailers, attending exhibitions and following buyers. There’s a lot to be learned from going to visit various shops and hearing what the owners have to say, finding what sorts of products are best for them. I think this sort of experience has a good influence on my design work.

ー What is the charm of TRINUS?

Through collaborating with various industries, we come across new technologies and have the opportunity to unearth buried technologies, working together to make things with a variety of forms. From small companies to large corporations, there are as many possibilities as there are seeds of technology, and there are limitless designs to come out of this. I think this is one of the charms of TRINUS. I’m always eager in anticipation of seeing what the next project has to offer.
As a platform, TRINUS has aspects like a community site, and other sides like a design office for designers to gather. From selling goods on their online store to making ties with retailers, I think TRINUS has a broad field to work with.

Stepping into other people’s shoes and working carefully

ー What are your goals for the future?

It’s almost so simple that it doesn’t even count as a goal but, I’d like to take care in completing every one of my tasks to a high standard.
Every single task I put my hands on ends up being delivered to someone else. They will take it in their hands, look at it with their eyes, listen to it with their ears, and will experience it in all sorts of ways. I’d like to make sure that each of those experiences is a comfortable one. I think that this for the better for everyone.