Ayako Kitano
As a Meiji University Faculty of Law graduate, she joined a law firm to support projects with clients as a legal secretary. As the manager of the management department, she was in charge of launching and managing projects in and outside the company.
At TRINUS, she is engaging in producer work while utilizing her experience in project management, legal risk management, team building, etc.

Challenge into a Different Industry

– What was your motivation to join TRINUS?

When I was looking for a new job, I found a TRINUS recruitment article by chance.
It was very appealing and interesting, so I felt I wanted to check out the company.
I thought it would be a challenge for me to enter because it was a new industry. However, I was told that my legal experience and knowledge can be useful, so I confidently decided to take on the challenge.
It was an unexpected but a perfect match from the get go!

Joy of being there when something interesting is created.

What is your main role?

I am in charge of both corporate and producer roles, and I feel that the experience and awareness of each job work in tandem.

In corporate operations, my role is to create an environment in which each member can make full use of his or her strengths to work energetically. I closely observe the situation of the members, and sometimes I go behind the scenes and support them, and sometimes I lead the members by actively creating the flow as needed.
As a producer, I suggest to companies that want to develop products and services with TRINUS what they can make use of and what kind of products they can make.
We stand between companies and creators and connect them by drawing out their individuality and charm. In that sense, I believe that there is something in common with the team and organizational management I have experienced.
I’m happy that I get to take part in creating new and interesting things by combining the attractiveness of both creators and companies.


– What is the attraction of TRINUS?

In short, we do really interesting things! This is a challenging environment because there is nothing you can’t do.
As for the fields we handle, there are no barriers such as only sundries or only home appliances, and manufacturers and creators with various fields of expertise gather together, so new things are always created.
It is also attractive that we can gain new knowledge from our members and make use of our personal connections through our diverse backgrounds.


I want to make various kinds of chemistry with different personalities.

– What are your goals for the future?

I want to make our company a place where different personalities and backgrounds thrive.
There are various manufacturers and creators supporting us, so as a member of TRINUS, I want to create a place where all kinds of individuals can join regardless of age, gender, race, or educational background.
From there I believe that new chemistry will arise, and then, it will also bring benefits to client operations and product development. With the variety of individual characters, I will introduce products that are creative and interesting to the world.