Organisational Chart

External Director
Business Producer
Promotion of collaboration projects with partner companies
Sales & Product Development
Overseer, product planning and production management of own-brand products
Web, graphic and product design
System Development
Infrastructure construction/maintenance, front end and back end development
Website analysis, social media operations, EC operations, web publicity, SEO, content production
HR, accounting, public relations, general and legal affairs

Members Introduction

  • Maasa Arai
    Shinya Sato
    Born to his parents, an Engineer Father and Artist Mother.
    Aspiring to become an entrepreneur, he graduated from Waseda University School of Commerce and engaged in startup support at Daiwa Securities SMBC.
    During the two years in which he was enrolled, he proceeded to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and experienced legal system revision work.
    Subsequently, he joined the Accenture Strategy Group to support strategy formulation and execution for private companies and public institutions worldwide.
    Through the efforts of CSO&CFO which support open innovation, he founded TRINUS Ltd. in 2014.
  • Maasa Arai
    Tomohiro Kawaji
    After graduating from the Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering at the University of Tokyo, he joined IBM Japan in 2005 and engaged in the design, development and consulting of large-scale systems. In 2008 he joined Citizen Co., Ltd. as a founding member, providing system development services and IT service operations. The company plans and operates "Circle Square", groupware for circles with 500,000 members.
    In 2014 he participated in the launch of TRINUS as a founding member and was responsible for system development.
  • Maasa Arai
    External Board Director
    Kenta Adachi
    Following in the footsteps of his Grand Father and Father, he was born to an engineering household who has won the Science and Technology Agency Secretary Award.
    He thought to himself "I want to improve the world with science and technology", and proceed to take the STEM route from an early age, graduating university with a masters in physics.
    In order to expand his world, he worked as an executive of a start-up company whilst at graduate school. Following this, he worked at a business and advisory firm to take on a vast array of work including walk-in sales, product planning, management planning, global M&A and IPO.
    Having gained much knowledge and experience, he returned to startup management. He used his childhood dream of "Wanting to improve the world with science and technology" as the foundation to become a venture capitalist, making the most of his experiences in technology, business, development, and finance.
  • Maasa Arai
    Naoto Kishinami
    As a Tama Art University graduate, he experienced toy and rotor machine design as a toy designer. Following this, he moved to a toy manufacturer and worked on product planning and development, producing hit products that were awarded with Japan Toy Awards. At TRINUS he works as a producer and designer, engaging in creative work for ASOBIZA, a joint operation project with BANDAI NAMCO.
  • Maasa Arai
    Ayako Kitano
    As a Meiji University Faculty of Law graduate, she joined a law firm to support projects with clients as a legal secretary. As the manager of the management department, she was in charge of launching and managing projects in and outside the company.
    At TRINUS, she is engaging in producer work while utilizing her experience in project management, legal risk management, team building, etc.
  • Maasa Arai
    Maasa Arai
    As a Musashino Art University graduate, she joined a publication production company. Here she experienced sales, production and business design of company-issued media. After this, she was involved in the planning and direction for various events such as exhibitions, press releases and corporate parties at a major advertising agency event production company.
    At TRINS she takes on a wide range of creative tasks including concept design to production direction and copywriting. She works hard to support her young daughter.
  • Maasa Arai
    Esai Shibagaki
    Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University Graduate School of Modeling, as a School of Design graduate. He completed a Master's degree in modeling, focusing his studies on product design resulting in him being awarded a prestigious modeling award.
    He came into contact with TRINUS by submitting a product design as a student, resulting in him being hired in 2017. He is currently in charge of a wide range of design aspects including own brand CI/VI and products, OEM products and exhibitions.
  • Maasa Arai
    Yumi Kaneko
    As a Keio University Faculty of Literature graduate, she joined Marks Co., Ltd., engagingin the sales of stationery and sundry goods at major domestic retail outlets.
    Following this, she joined a Patent Law Office, corresponding with overseas agents, and engaging in IP management. After this job, she transferred to TRINUS in 2018 working as a corporate manager. She is responsible for all back-office operations such as human resources and public relations, aiming to create a company where each member can work comfortably.
  • Maasa Arai
    Kanako Takamatsu
    After graduating from Seikei University she joined Marks Co., Ltd. which produces designer stationery and lifestyle products. Working in the sales office, she gained experience in product registration and ordering work. At TRINUS she is in charge of retail store and EC ordering, and updating of media information. Currently working remotely from Gunma prefecture.
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