Creating infinite possibilities
through open and flat co-creation.
There lies a diamond in the rough with hidden potential.
Assumptions and common sense may be preventing its awakening.
Let’s gather ideas from outside the office,
take inspiration from each other’s ideas and aim for a brighter future.
create an environment that fosters collaboration,
enabling the realisation of wonderful possiblities.
Birthing ideas which make the world exclaim “WOW!”
  • Always a Rookie
    This world is ever so vast and deep.
    As rookies, we continue to challenge the unknown and acknowledge our ignorance.
    The desire to take the leap and seize every opportunity burns in our hearts.
    Always Rookie
  • Take ownership
    The essence of challenge and innovation.
    We are the starting point for change, overcoming our past selves.
    The sight of the new and vast world in front us makes our hearts skip a beat.
    Be Innovator
  • Excite the world!
    Spreading excitement across the globe.
    Sharing positivity with our friends, we wish to succeed together as a team.
    We pull in the world into a vortex of enthusiasm.
    The will to drive and push people is carved into our chests.
    Excite the world!
代表取締役 佐藤 真矢
The world is currently overflowing with the same old products and services. There are likely many companies looking for breakthroughs, figuring out how to create products of this era.

During my years working in industries such as finance and consulting, I noticed something important. It’s that many compaies have amazing technologies and materials but, they lay dormant and underutilised.

Such diamonds in the rough which remain lost in companies, await the day to encounter the imaginative hands of creators, who can polish them into wonderful new products.

We at TRINUS bind the trinity of manufacturers, creators, and users, to deliver innovation which will wow the world.
佐藤 真矢


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