佐藤 真矢
Shinya Sato
Born to his parents, an Engineer Father and Artist Mother.
Aspiring to become an entrepreneur, he graduated from Waseda University School of Commerce and engaged in startup support at Daiwa Securities SMBC.
During the two years in which he was enrolled, he proceeded to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and experienced legal system revision work.
Subsequently, he joined the Accenture Strategy Group to support strategy formulation and execution for private companies and public institutions worldwide.
Through the efforts of CSO&CFO which support open innovation, he founded TRINUS Ltd. in 2014.
  • 小泉氏
    Mercari, inc. President
    Mr Koizumi
    Talk about the future of TRINUS and Mercari.
    Mercari as listed in June 2018 in the fifth year since its establishment, continues to launch new services one after another without stop.
    Mercari, inc. President Mr Koizumi and our CEO Satō engaged in conversation, revealing that they share common roots, having started their careers at Daiwa Securities at the same time. Being acquaintances for 20 years, the two comrades engaged in a heated discussion regarding their businesses and their aspirations for the future.
  • 渡辺氏・平野氏
    Morinaga & Co.
    Mr Watanabe・Mr Hirano
    Significance of big companies and startups working.
    The first large corporation which TRINUS worked with is Morinaga & Co. Working together with Morinaga for just over two years, they have managed to produce 4 all-new products together!
    Using a new edible material which takes a long time to dissolve, they have developed an all-new mint chip [TiMES] which gives you over 40 minutes of exhilarating freshness! Perfectly suited for sucking on during meetings and movies, the [Long Lasting Lozenges] also gives you over 40 minutes of throat relief. Utilising ‘baked technology’ [Cheezest] is a cheesy snack which gives you double the texture. Concentrating the hearty goodness of soups around the world into a small convenient snack [WORLD SOUP SNACK] is a fulfilling treat.
    The only things that existed are Morinaga’s technologies and TRINUS’ design resources alone. We sat Mr Watanabe who took initial charge of this collaborative project and Mr Hirano who is the current man in charge to hear about their story of how they created these products from nothing.
  • 大友敏弘氏
    Mr Ōtomo
    The power of design that is required now.
    We invited Mr Ōtomo, the designer of TRINUS’ flagship product [Flower Pencil HANA], to talk about [the power of design]. From the point of view of a designer and manager, we discussed how he views ‘design’, what ‘designs’ are valued these days, and the struggles of product development.
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