Promoting and assisting prototype production and sales trials. Leave everything from product packaging, descriptions and media PR to us. We can also conduct market reaction research and raise the funds for production via our crowd-funding platform.
Average Duration:6 Months
  • 仕様設計
  • 生産背景の構築~生産管理
  • クラウドファンディング/PR
  • Specification Design
    We help you with design and prototype production to meet the needs of the market. We will commit to your product, engaging in a wide range of tasks including product logo design and packaging design.
  • Establishment of Production Background ~ Production Management
    We will use our established manufacturer network of over 100 companies around the world to make production a reality.
  • Crowdfunding / PR
    We can use data from our marketing functions to judge production volumes and optimise manufacturing. We can also take promotional photographs and videos to help spread the word of your product.
  • 花色鉛筆
    CASE STUDY 01Cheezest
    Task:A crispy outside and a runny inside. To host a community design project to create a new snack which makes use of Morinaga’s patented [Baked Technology], allowing you to enjoy two unique textures in one bite.
    Manufacturer:Morinaga & Co.,Ltd.
    The adopted concept used this technology to create [a savoury grilled cheese snack]. We hired designers with proven track records to help us with the likes of packaging design and then engaged in product development. Through crowdfunding we were able to carry all sorts of market research such as viewing user reactions, seeing what demographics pre-ordered these goods, AB test of advertisements, and buyer satisfaction research. This allowed us to carry out feasibility studies, leading to safe entry into the market.